Why Don’t Russian Men Marry Russian Women?

Why Don’t Russian Men Marry Russian Women?

Astonishing, isn’t it. There are thousands of beautiful Russian Women on the Internet. And all of them seemingly abandoned, left on the shelf.

The explanation is largely cultural. Most of us are attracted to Russian Women by their sexy, foreign accent. But if you already speak Russian, as most Russian Men do, the girls don’t sound at all foreign or sexy.

Another limiting factor is that the kind of women Russian Men date are usually already married to someone else.

Also, we must consider Russian demographics. There are far more men in Russia than women. I know this statistic is usually presented the other way around, but it is erroneous.

You will notice that in any sporting contests, – like the Olympic shot-put or weight-lifting – the Russian Women’s team regularly fails sex tests. It is also quite obvious to any casual traveller in Russia that all the women you see mending roads and driving trains are in fact men.

It is a complex subject and I will return to it later.

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  • Extinct species

    Maybe russian men dont marry russian women just because men are too selfish and scared for their freedom:P or maybe russian women are too sexy,too smart just too good for russians. Lately,there’ve been very interesting trend in russian culture the better life span is the less russian men tend to connect their lives with women there reason of this it might be an unconcious permisiveness that leads to such tendency. Anyway,there’s not a trace of regret or despairation among so called “weaker sex” ’cause its a good opportunity to carve a career and spend more time on her -beautiful- self when there’s no disturbance in private life. So if russian men are not interested in russian women there are always french ,german or americanmen who would open their arms and marry a russian beauty:)

  • maria

    The fact is Russian men may want to marry Russian women but Russian women don’t want them; they just are not the financial producers that would keep a women and her offspring in style. In other words, it’s simple economics: throughout the world, survival of one’s genes etc. demands women seek out the best they can get; often, this is men who women in these men’s own cultures consider weak, passive, or otherwise undesirable. (But they’re better than the best Russia has to offer.) The same thing happens in third world countries. In Brazil, for example, women will do whatever it takes to find some foreign sugar daddy who will alleviate her financial woes. What it really means is the economy in these countries suck.

  • eldorado

    I would really like Copydude clarify that statement that “There are far more Men than Girls in Russia ” because every other website I have visited they state the contrary, Russian Girls outnumber Russian Men, so please put your facts on the table.

  • Fatima

    because russian women well-known whores.

  • Suffering from russian gf :p

    Russian women are pouty, self indulgent, childish, and capricious. Who knows why they do anything…

  • ya man!


  • sufferin russian wife..

    Yep, marry a Russian woman at your peril, and thats if you can get them away from thier domineering mothers!! They are selfish, have no thoughts whatsoever for their husbands, will use them for their own gains and then blame them when they dont get what they want….leave them well alone, because you will end up alone….take it from me, I married one….never..EVER AGAIN. They seem so nice and innocent when you first meet, but their Soviet upbringing means they fend for themselves….DO NOT TRUST ANY OF THEM!!!!

  • karl

    Yes, at least, russian men dont marry them twice. Everybody knows most ex-soviet union girls are very poor and therefore they try to get out of their poverty at any cost. They just exploit their exotic looks and play the innocent ones when trying to catch their victim.
    But marry them and give them a bit of time and you will see how cold blooded and greedy they are.

  • Sweet

    I am glad for that I’d hate to see a sexy russian man go to waste on a russian woman..all of whom I met are selfish and wear too much make up

  • kashif

    well , i met with a lot of Russian girls in my life,not all but mostly girls are hookerz,girls cn do anything for money.
    i also like Russian girls but reputation is not good of russian girls. . . . . .

  • Gatita

    Guys, girls are “good” and “bad” in all countries. It’s mistake to generalize. Some girls have a goal to marry with foreigners but most married with native men. “Bad reputation for Russian girls” – in some cases I agree but it another may be you are looking for girls only with “bad” reputation and you find them.
    Russian woman are clever, beautiful, etc. but not all.

  • Indian_lady

    Well, I met a wonderful Russian man and we have been involved for just two months now. He refuses to marry a Russian woman (he is divorced from one and sick from the experience).

    It’s not love talking, but he is extremely humble, polite and caring. A completely family-oriented man with extremely impeccable, traditional values. And he is learning English for me as well as preparing to share time with me in my country.

    Just wanted to clear that for many western men who extol the virtues of Russian women and condemn Russian men. It is hilarious to see how someone will say Russian women are homely, caring and a zillion other things while Russian men are losers and drunkards. They both come from the same cultural upbringing duh!

    Well, there are some amazing Russian men out there only if given the chance.

  • YanniZ

    Yes, yes, I have been seeing a Russian women in Brooklyn NY for 6 years. She needed a green card and was sweet as pie at that time. Once she got what she wanted, I became the whipping boy… Your useless, do something, I want this, I want that bla bla bla bla bla. I was fortunate. I NEVER MARRIED THE BITCH. I found some fool to do it. I will never marry a communist now that I have read what I always knew.

  • Mataez

    Russian men don’t want to marry Russian women because they are, in most instances, complete and utter bitches. They are almost always too stupid and self-absorbed to ever admit that they make mistakes. If something goes wrong, it’s NEVER EVER their fault. I have never ever in almost 5 years heard (my Russian wife) say “I’m sorry”, for anything. This is just ONE reason for my despise of Russian women.

  • Jack

    I had met and married a Russian woman from Ukraine that always seemed to cling to me whenever I opened my wallet. She always asked how much money I spent on gifts I bought her (especially jewelry) and rarely offered to pay whenever we’d go out. She never chased me romantically even once in three years of marriage. She hadn’t been very affectionate or loving and often seemed to use sex as a power against me. We had divorced after three years of a miserable marriage and are now somewhat friends after being divorced almost three years. She says she doesn’t know if she’d like to date me again, but I’ve noticed she has no problem whatsoever accepting money and gifts from me. She calls me when she needs emotional support and acts like a good friend then hints about struggling financially knowing I’d gladly help her out because I’m such a loser to want her back while struggling to break free from her charm. Love is blind…

  • lala

    Because, most of the sexy Russian men I meet are sick to death of Russian women’s bullshit.

  • Daniel

    I just had my 7th anniversary with my Russian (via Ukraine) wife. These 7 years have been the worst and the best of my life (hmmmm, sounds like a novel coming on). My wife so much tries but the parts of Russian women culture that really grates are:

    1) a woman can never say sorry, because she can never, ever be wrong… because she is a woman; a Russian woman can say and do whatever they want whenever they want, and when it can be shown to be a complete caprise or brain dead or plain old BAD thing, they just say ‘I am woman, this is my personality’. A couple times I tried to complain that my feelings were hurt from stupid things said or done and the answer comes back ‘you are the MAN in the relationship, if you dont accept these things it means you are the WOMAN’

    2) maybe it is just my wife, but she acts like a MOM to me all the time; she tells me what pants to wear, what shoes to wear, what shirt to wear and I have given up even trying to say ‘ummm, I am an adult man and I dressed myself for many years before I met you; and all the stuff I have now you bought anyway, so for sure I cant go wrong’. But it is no use, you must be prepared for the wife to be more of a mother… how sad

    3) she will have a zillion expectations of you; my wife has said (sober and in clear mind and repeated) such zingers as: “I am young and beautiful and you have to pay” (when I tried to enforce a budget onto the family); “your job is to figure out how to get the money, mine is to figure out how to spend the money”; the expectations are pretty much like being married to a two year old… they expect this and expect that and pout for this and pout for that and if they dont get it, well I tell you what… my wife’s limited English does not prevent her from reducing me to tears as she can explain every mistake I ever made over the last 10 years; she can even relate one day 9 years ago I forgot to pour her a cognac (she actually said she did not want anymore…. but she changed her mind, but did not tell me she changed her mind… I was supposed to know to keep offering cognac after she said she does not want anymore… that is the word CAPRICE. Ha, ha. I never heard the word before I met her. But all Russian women, even with only basic English know that word, and know it gives them carte blanche to do anything, anytime.

    There is some Russian poem about a newly wed, bride, who at 1 am insists on an apple; new hubby somehow goes into the night and finds one and comes back an hour later, and wifey says ‘oh, ha, ha, I do not want an apple anymore, I want an orange’. And the Russian man, supposedly I am told, just gushes with love for his wife because she is so cute to change her mind at 2 am, and now he can go out again for an orange. Ha, ha, ha. How cute. How precious of the Russian women culture.

    I could write a book. Actually I DID! But my wife found it and read some and nearly divorced me.

    Now my wife is wonderful. But if she was not a godess in soul and body I could never, never, never put up with such crapy. Actually, we are going to start going to counselling because I have blown my lid and yelled and swore at her a few times in the last year. Sometimes it is all too much. And, of course, a man should never, never speak harshly to the Russian wife. As she is not repsonsible for her words and actions. Would you yell and scream at a 6th month old baby. So I am going to counselling to learn to calm myself. I have a wee feeling I may get a little support from the counseller. Surely I cannot be 100% wrong.

    Hmmmm, Russian women. You will only survive if yours is 100% in love and wants to make it work. Because with her preset culture you have no chance unless she is the best to start with.

  • lala

    Too bad. The guys are much, much easier to deal with. I kid you not. The women are high-maintenance to the 24th power.

  • lala

    Maria: “The fact is Russian men may want to marry Russian women but Russian women don’t want them; they just are not the financial producers that would keep a women and her offspring in style”

    Typical Russian women. How about keeping yourself and your kid in style BY YOURSELF!!!!

  • lourdea

    Haha…Its funny how men who marry russian women think they deserve better treatment than being a sugar daddy. Afterall you are using her for being poor and exotic, so she is expecting you to uphold your end of the deal….be the bank bitch…..Or marry a 30 pound overweight chick from idaho and watch tv everynight. You wanna con vagina from russian women and hate that they are cold and sober enough to expect you to uphold your offering in the arrangement….because thats what the western man/eastern woman thing is. Dont try to be a sugardaddy and then complain.

  • Daniel

    You made me laugh lourdea. So you are saying a Russian woman is allowed to be NEVER SORRY, 100% CAPRICE, DEMANDING, POUTING, CHILDISH, RUDE, BOSSY, etc etc, because she is Russian and has a vagina and may not be overweight.

    What happens when she gets a few years older and puts on a couple of pounds. Will her character change? Will she look in a mirror and say ‘well, I better be normal now.’

    Also, if it so obvious that she can be this way… just part of the ‘deal’… and everyone knows this… then why did she not be this way at the beginning… why did she misrepresent herself?

    As I said, unless the Russian woman is 100% in love and committed, the cultural ‘oddities’ she has is too much for any man, of any race, to bear. So, lourdea, since you think the ‘oddities’ are expected part of the vagina-package, I contend that no relationship with a Russian woman can work.

    *whisper* there are other women on earth with vaginas and are not overweight and dont carry the slavic attitude

  • Thanks for sharing, i am heading over to check out your entire site now. I need some time to think about this

  • Great info I adore most of the articles that have been written, and especially the comments posted! I’ll definately be visiting again!

  • Sally

    My Russian male friends all had relationships, but which ended of one or another reason. These relationships had been established when they either were studying or when they didn’t work full time. Now when they work full time and are single, they simple doesn’t have enough time to go out and meet potential singles. (Some of them work 9am-6pm and often work late)
    When they do find someone whom they like and whom seems to like them.. The guys ends up feeling as if they’re their dates piggy-bank.

    One of these men truly believed that all a woman truly wants is money. He sighed and said “Well, now when I don’t have that much money – they won’t even date me. Except the older single mothers.. And I want a woman without children. Those mother’s just seems to want someone to care for their child, not to love”.
    “If we were more than friends you wouldn’t marry me, just because I can’t buy you that fancy car”.

    Also, he added that they marry young in Russia, have children and then some divorce (of course. It’s normal). Then women wants a new husband to care for their child, etc.
    Though, the men would prefer to date and hopefully fall in love with a woman without children (this is not because they don’t want children. They just want their ehhh.. own children).

  • Luc

    I love these comments, really made me laugh! I’m currently living with my Russian boyfriend and have been with him for nearly a year. Yes that’s nearly a year!

    From my experience of Russians and having been to Russia I can say the men are saviours for putting up with the women! They may have good figures but they aren’t all that pretty, strip them of their make up and they’re as plain as us.
    Some women I met were very demanding and looked down at everyone else (even men) as though they are a goddess. No offence ladies!

    Strangely enough every day in the summer there was a wedding and brides and grooms were everywhere. My boyfriend told me you can tell if they’re rich by the make of cars and how many they use to get to the ceremony. No doubt they’ll divorce in 2 years!

    All my boyfriends friends though are lovely the girls and boys and incredibly loyal.
    The boys especially are more loyal than my own friends! Everyone says Russian men are drunk, well ok once a month they go out and drink, but the one thing i know for sure is that Russians are incredibly passionate. I see why women like Russian men!
    It is true though that their way of life is very simple and traditional, men must provide and women must cook and look after children.

    I remember taking my boyfriend out to dinner after we had exams and then took him to see Les Miserables, the whole thing was a surprise. He was astonished when we left the restaurant that I had already paid when he went to the bathroom. The look on his face is unforgettable. And at the end of the evening the only thing he’d bought was a programme and a bottle of water. He couldn’t understand why i had done it al for him.
    It wasn’t a special occasion I had just wanted to take him out and do things he hasn’t done in London. So when i told him and said i did it to please him and it was my way of showing i loved him, he looked at me with tears in his eyes. He told me know one had ever done anything like that for him before and felt so loved.

    Bloody hell if no russian women shed a single penny for a man they’re dating let alone married to, how on earth can a man recognise he’s loved and appreciated?!
    p.s. i’m not racist :)

  • susie

    when i read these iwas all like some of them are true ( i should know im russian) anyway not all russian women are like that. i know plenty of russian women who are happily married. i loved reading this to see what people think of us russians lol

  • Vic

    I’m Russian too living in America my whole life an I can say for the most part the Russian girls are bossy and grow up to be sluts. I’m sorry. Unless you meet a one that has been raised in a Christian family. I like russian girls for the most part because I wouldn’t want our cultures to conflict and there are some good Russian girls. I also think it’s true how the Russian woman looks for a sugardaddy to take care of all her needs. But this is not true for all.

  • Alex

    Its funny how some ppl describe russian woman on here

    Well i’m from brazil and I say woman in Brazil are pretty much the same except they’re not as cold as russians. I personaly got the russian fever for quite a long time now, my past 4 relationships were with russian ladies, only one was born and raised in russia and came to north america when she was 15 though.

    But still, never had to pay for anything (as in i either pay or she’s gone), always shared the bills, none ever told me what to wear. I do have to agree though, russians can be cold, but once again not all.

    I believe that it doesn’t matter who or what nationality is your wife/husband, you set what’s acceptable or not when you start dating. I bet that most of you complaining on here were just so happy you were dating a hot lady that you just accepted anything she said.

    I date this girl now for 4 yrs, we live together, we have our fights like every couples do, but i make it clear and so does she, what i expect from her in a relationship and vice versa.

    Communication is the base for it all, since the beggining i’ve always said what bothered me and what not, she even tells me i complain too much, what can i do that’s how i am!

  • Sally


    So you do seem to have some kind of problem with them? If your past 4 relationships WERE with Russian women? 😉 And now a fifth whom complains that you’re complaining too much and you say “What can I do, that’s how I am” – YET, you state that communication is the base of all. So that your problem should easily be solved and you’ll never date another again :-) 5th stays 5th.

    Funny is that most doesn’t seem to complain. I don’t think they’d complain if they were so “happy with a hot lady”.
    Sadly I know many Russians whom hate “their own people”…

  • A Russian Girl

    People, I am Russian and i feel bad the way you talk about all nation knowing or having only one or two girlfriends from my country. I will NEVER marry russian man because MOST of them, NOT ALL, but MOST of them are pigs. They cheat, beat women up, drink too much…. Do you think is it a good life with husband like that? They are not educated. Not all of them, but mostly. I do not want my nation to be judjed. I have a university degree, i finished high school, i read a lot, i finished school in New Zealand. So I am smart. And theris not such reason for russian men not to want me. The question is if I want uncaring, unpolite, uneducated husband. My boyfriend is from Brazil and so far this is the best man i have ever met, the most caring, smart… What can i say? I am in Love! And i can’t choose who i am falling for. Can any of you?

    And the last. Fatima, Jelousy and envy very bad feelings. You name are muslim… Are you? Jow does it feel to be third wife? And Russian women are just have choises!

  • A Russian Girl

    Besides I could start a question “why american men do not want american wifes?” People do not make opinion on 2-8 people’s experiences. We are all different and tell me that you do not have women in your nations who love money? who use man? it the way our parents brought us up its not nation in particular! We are all different!

  • A Hungarian Girl

    I have to agree with Russian Girl about Russian men of most of what she wrote. Although, I have only had 1 Russian as a boyfriend for 3 weeks! then he dumped me saying he wasn’t ready for a serious relationship. I had to laugh, come on 3 weeks is a serious relationship?? I am hoping to find a better russian man (afterall, we are easterners) or another european man.

  • Anna

    I have to agree with the russian girl what she say about russian men. Myself is a woman of serbian, swedish and russian blood and i know russian women and i know that they are very smart and survivers for putting up with russian men. Mostly all men from eastern europe like Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Poland and so on beat there women, drink and cheat on there girlfriends. I have a russian woman from my class that have been with russians and serbs before and she told me that she will never again go out with them.

  • Elizabeth0408

    I’m born, and from the united states. I happen to think Russian men are hot, and sexy. I have a sweaty, sexy fanasty of Russian men. It’s pretty much hardcore. I know this may not make sense to many of you. Why would a 22-year-old single woman from the USA. Want to date a russian man? Truth is i can’t help it. Besides having USA blood in me. Also have Russian blood in me.

  • Sally

    I agree Elizabeth.. One can’t help it, right?
    I’m 20 but have got this Russian boyfriend and he’s best. The only disadvantages with him, I’d say is his cooking skills – they go as far to both cooking and frying pelemeni ;))He does do the laundry and cleans if we do it together, otherwise he seems to forget most of it, lol.
    The second disadvantage is his desire for not leaving Russia, damn it. I assume it’s due to language issues and he’s never been outside Russia. Funny is that he hates so much about Russia, lol.
    Besides that he’s somehow sexy, loving, caring and yet again caring.
    Why he became attracted to me when he got these cute native ladies, Chort knows..

  • That was a very very funny and true little paragraph about why Russian men don’t marry Russian women. And all the comments are on the money too. My mother is a ‘russian woman’ born in NY but RUSSIAN PARENTS… so the acorn did not fall far from the oak tree. She was SURVIVOR – all capital letters.. became a top fashion model, married my father and made his life a misery. he died and she’s happily living on and on and on.. I love her.. but I know her. My advice to all men.. beware the pouty sweet slanty grey eyed exotic looks of the Eastern European.. the Slav in general. They are designed to survive long journeys across leagues of wasteland.. they can row canoes between ice bergs and hop from one continent to the next.. they can live on camel milk in the Gobi Desert or shoot down a small bird on the wing or a big fat American cat who thinks he’s successful and smart. They can get what they want.. and leave you wondering just how they did it!!!! Beware the high heels and smiles.. and yes.. I’m very happy to hear that there are some sexy Russian men available. Next stop… St Petersburg.. Moscow.. Siberia!!!!

  • Nick

    I found this thread very amusing. I am a Russian man and I am married to a Russian woman (and all of my Russian male friends are as well). Russian men love Russian women and they do marry them. I personally wouldn’t marry a woman who is into feminism and doesn’t want to have kids until she is 40, which is the reason why very few Russian men marry someone from the West.

    The article is misleading. I studied statistics in college and there are much more Russian women than men in Russia and Belarus.

    Russian women are not all whores. The majority of them are not.

  • Electra

    Actually, Nick, you are probably right. Everywhere you go on this planet, there are women who fall in love with men, right where they are. They are happy to be there and the man is happy top have them. This notion that only ‘Russian’ women head for the border and greener pastures with wealthier Western men, is as true for some women from ANY country as it is of some Russian women. Women who are hungry for glamour and cash and clothes and cars and property and diamonds and the seeming ‘freedom’ that money appears to give exist in every corner of the globe. They exist in wealthy neighbourhoods too. Probably more ‘rich’ girls grow up hunting down wealthy Western men than poor ‘Russian’ girls do. Rich girls are used to the good life and would find it hard to leave behind. So.. yes.. but the article we are all responding too is so well written and so amusing in turns that it sparks that prejudiced agreement that ‘oh yes.. of course.. they are ALL WHORES!!!’ Not all women anywhere are all whores and not all men anywhere are all drunks and not all people anywhere are all bad. But the point of view of this website makes me giggle and leave comments. Not a bad thing, and not hurting anybody.

  • bahiya

    it is russian women who don`t wanna marry russian men and not the other way around.russian men don`t marry outside their race.russian men always want their women and never marry foriegner girls unless they are from western europe.in fact all men in eastern europe and central europe only marry their women and not foriegners.and to the INDIANLADY shut the fuck up BIIIIIIIIIIITCH.you are a big fat liar.there are no russian men who would have a relationship with an indian crap.but there are THOUSANDS of indian men who are involved with russian women.actually russian women marry men from all races.so stop dreaming bitch.

  • bahiya

    who ever wrote this crap needs to know his facts very well.russian women outnumber russian men by far.that`s why russian women marry a lot outside their race from foriegners:
    arabs,asians,africans,central asians,latinos and western europeans.on the other hand if there is a russian man married to a foriegner it would be with a western european girl.

  • bahiya


  • Valeria

    Yes this just made my day, because it’s so funny! I’m a 100% Russian women, and many of your comments about Russian women are out of line. Yes, we do appear a bit snobby at times, but it’s only appearances, russian girls are actually not that confident, on far from being easy.

    I know A LOT of russian ppl and my male friends are often sick of running after russian girls because they don’t get it easy. So they go get American girls, because they get sex fast from them! LOL

    And yes, Russian men want to marry Russian women, because we have the same values. We let the man be one, and always share everything when we marry. I know some Russian men who married American women, and it never works out because American women are way to independent, and often separate my money from your money.

    I do understand those stereotypes and where they come from. Try to think beyond the first impression. When you have already a conception like that of us, when you see one bad exemple of Russian women, you rush to validate your stereotype.


  • Zoya

    I’m 1nd gen russian and can testify russian girls are mercenary and shallow! Russian men do have a education but have a Post Soviet attitude according to my cousins in the home country and yes, some do have drinking problems but they know in the unstable economy they will lose their job. I would date but find their accents grating now that I’m used to amercians.
    Also there are more single women than men and you also have the younger barely legal girls(Moscow has more “models” than any other city in the world) are status material driven hungry piggy sluts (mattess back)who chase after single and married men they use them abuse them and in the mean time sign up for a marriage to a foreginer site!
    Oh and can’t forget about the girls who fail at ‘hunting oligarchs” it’s worth learning russian just to read how many girls have a “Cinderella fantasy”or a sponsor to buy them D&G and Chanel trickets, they are gross and funny at the same time!

  • Hannah

    A Russian Girl: Everyone knows how the majority men and women are in Russia. Obviously, that is why perhaps they don’t get along on average?. The question is not why American men don’t marry american women. North America is an “easy going” place. i’m sure deep down in your heart you agree with that too, other wise your boyfriend wouldn’t have been brazilian. The fact that he is a non-russian shows you have the need and attraction towards men who are not necessarily from your own culture but the fact that he treats you with respect and is educated blablabla,..this is the case with most “average” couples in North America. and thirdly, please don’t take it personally if russian women are seen as whores. although you may be russian you made yourself an exception by falling for a non russian “who treats you nice”. It is a fact and a sad one.

  • james

    I agree,..i went on a vacation with my buddies last summer. It was my first time and honestly, i never even approached one first. The 14 year old girls approached me and offered me sex. i was so grossed out. Yuck whats wrong with them.

  • Boyan

    Russian women are whores. and men are just drunk barking junkyards. what a vulgar culture.

  • Sally

    It’s interesting that then Russian men seems to be too weak to deal with an independent woman 😉
    I find this “shared money” to be annoying among Russian men.
    He says his money is my money but I feel that I wanna use my money and feel that I earned this myself, I didn’t need to get yet another gift (damn gifts lol).
    I have no problem to give it to him, but I don’t want his money.
    Imagine we’d divorce, someone forbid, then when having shared money there will be problems.

  • I met a Moldovian lady (from the Russian part, near Bendery, which is the Transdinester region, mostly Russian people), and from my perpective, a russian woman is a russian woman is a russian woman and that’s that.

    Here’s a deep and clear message to all you freeloading Russian bitches who think a sugar-daddy from the “rich west” will be the sucker you can bleed dry rather than share your goals, dreams and visions and build a happy, mutually satisfying life together.

    I know several Russian men (I’m a Swiss-born Australian), mostly through business and a part-time job driving taxis, and they mostly want the same thing as any self-respecting man, to be fit and healthy, to be a good, loyal and loving partner, a hard and honest worker and a good father to their children.

    Russian women seem to have this notion that life is some kind of fiscal balance sheet.

    My russian -ex like most other russian women, seem to have this fixation about money which correlates with a recent survey that showed that 80%+ of russians consider money to be the most important thing in their lifes. Australia was around 60%, western europe around the same.

    Understandably, especially after making several trips there to visit (ex)wifes family in Moldova, economic conditions there are nothing compared to here and most other places I’ve visited, except for Brazil.

    Interestingly, Brazilian women aren’t nearly as fixated and obsessed with money than are Russian women, even through their respective nations’ economies are of a similar nature (predominantly poor). Both nations have what appear to be disproportionate numbers of attractive women, which I find rather interesting, unless its the marketing culture of the various internet dating services out there.

    My advice is to steer clear of women of russian descent. Their many flaws are in their culture and are effectively in their blood, as is their inherent dishonesty and their arrogance, how they’re always right, even when proven wrong.

    I embedded a GPS tracking device in my (ex)wife’s wallet whilst we were still “happily married”, and the many nights over about 3 years where she called home to tell me and our two young daughters that she was working late in her Payroll job at the Hotel she was working at. Interesting how the GPS sees her moving to a number of nightclubs and bars, as well as some private addresses (including the guy she’s hooked up with now, as I threw her out on the spot one night when she rocked up at 2:30am, saying how sorry she was for working late and how it was a hell of day because of a computer crash seeing her having to work late and do staff wages manually and that everybody in the resort chain would be paid a day late as a result. Russian women should have stupidity added to their long list of undesirable character traits, surely before telling a lie as substantial as that, it would have been prudent to take into account my part-time job as a gold coast taxi driver, and I take on all sorts of people including staff members from hotels and resorts.

    It is one of those staff members who alerted me to the fact that there was no delays in pay deposits, and her credit card statement showed several transactions at various clubs and bars at Surfers Paradise. Again, the stupidity of russian women, surely you’d hide your tracks by making a cash withdrawal at an ATM then spend cash at the clubs, just in case hubby gets a whiff of your bank statement.

    She always tried to keep bank statements and internet banking logins secret from me. But with a backend server, I know evertything.

  • Isabelle

    to– activeRoG Yea and YOU are probably thinkin how smart you were to notice those transactions and cash withdrawals and all those bank statements and stuff??? Well hate to break it for u but thruth is your just a greedy gay dude who can’t afford or doesn’t want to (which is worse) give his wife money, so she HAD to secretely sneak it from you! If you can’t afford it no wonder the fact that [russian] women are interested in money annoys u so much. Haha SO why did you marry one in the first place?? The super **altruistic** ladies from your country didn’t want a loser who can’t provide for a family??

    And to all of you losers who r bitching russian women now same question. Why marry them then? Western ladies didn’t want you and you were like “whatever you can always get a young hot chick from eastern europe even if you yourself are a fat and/or ugly and/or poor and/or antisocial loser!” and you went ahead and did it cuz you were. Well guess what either way you have to pay for it in one way or another. Ask yourself this honest question: If it was a lady from your country just as good looking as your russian one would she want to marry you? And the answer is no, cuz otherwise you would settle for one and wouldn’t have to go on the internet looking for a foreign one facing difficulties like culture, language, visas, scammers and what not. So here you go. yes, your right in that those russian ladies probably don’t love you and just want cash or passport from you but they also pay by stayng with a man who they don’t love and maybe hate [which is also not unheard of] (and trust me when you don’t love a guy it’s a torture to remain with him even for an hour EVERYTHING about him starts to annoy you (so i can’t even imagine how some of those ladies manage to actually LIVE with men this way) so yea they also pay, and you get the hot chick, an arm candy, but pay with, literally, cash and also the fact that your not loved, and it shows. So i don’t see why you should be whining here. It was fair trade you did.

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