Why Don’t Russian Men Marry Russian Women?

Why Don’t Russian Men Marry Russian Women?

Astonishing, isn’t it. There are thousands of beautiful Russian Women on the Internet. And all of them seemingly abandoned, left on the shelf.

The explanation is largely cultural. Most of us are attracted to Russian Women by their sexy, foreign accent. But if you already speak Russian, as most Russian Men do, the girls don’t sound at all foreign or sexy.

Another limiting factor is that the kind of women Russian Men date are usually already married to someone else.

Also, we must consider Russian demographics. There are far more men in Russia than women. I know this statistic is usually presented the other way around, but it is erroneous.

You will notice that in any sporting contests, – like the Olympic shot-put or weight-lifting – the Russian Women’s team regularly fails sex tests. It is also quite obvious to any casual traveller in Russia that all the women you see mending roads and driving trains are in fact men.

It is a complex subject and I will return to it later.

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7,055 comments to Why Don’t Russian Men Marry Russian Women?

  • Hopey

    Yes, but Jester Does have a huge dick, we both know about it, don’t we, Daniel?

  • C

    I uuu think you have to go what your gut tells you. Remember, Russian Women, are clever, and very well educated. They in general, can speak Russian – Ukraine – Italian – English. They demand more, because they work hard for who they are. Moldavia – Romania -Ukraine Russia, all Beautiful Women. Unless your willing to travel there, and really get to know their families. Don’t bother. I know, I have dated all of above, and I tell you, to this day, I am still! considered family. When you marry a women, you marry their family as well. or when you seriously date one of them. You better have the blessings of the families. If not! That love affair won’t last. Good advice. Find a woman your own age. Enjoy life together. Let her teach your of her culture, as you would teach her of yours. Learn how to speak Russian. it shows respect & Interest, in her & her culture. Regardless of any women’s origin. Be Thankful she Is with you. And let her know it. Beauty & Sex, only last for a short while. After all the glamour Is done. All you have Is each other. Make sure, you truly know, what you want. Asking a women to travel across the world, to be with you, Is asking everything to her. Make sure you can do It, and know this Is real life. Not an Internet ad.

  • Joe

    I find Russian girls to be highly educated and expressive. They are understandably guarded at first but when you have gained a Russian lady’s trust, she is a good and supportive friend.

  • Rick Nestor

    As Long as your buying!!!!!

  • Max

    Russian women is all about money babe, spend some money and enjoy it. I have date a Russian stripier and she is beautiful, fun and outgoing but I never think about long relationship.

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