Why Don’t Russian Men Marry Russian Women?

Why Don’t Russian Men Marry Russian Women?

Astonishing, isn’t it. There are thousands of beautiful Russian Women on the Internet. And all of them seemingly abandoned, left on the shelf.

The explanation is largely cultural. Most of us are attracted to Russian Women by their sexy, foreign accent. But if you already speak Russian, as most Russian Men do, the girls don’t sound at all foreign or sexy.

Another limiting factor is that the kind of women Russian Men date are usually already married to someone else.

Also, we must consider Russian demographics. There are far more men in Russia than women. I know this statistic is usually presented the other way around, but it is erroneous.

You will notice that in any sporting contests, – like the Olympic shot-put or weight-lifting – the Russian Women’s team regularly fails sex tests. It is also quite obvious to any casual traveller in Russia that all the women you see mending roads and driving trains are in fact men.

It is a complex subject and I will return to it later.

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7,014 comments to Why Don’t Russian Men Marry Russian Women?

  • Rick NestorNo Gravatar

    get the fuck off this site……

  • American manNo Gravatar

    Russian women is hot, in my opinion.

  • donkeyoteNo Gravatar

    they’re like weeds taking over a garden

  • MENo Gravatar

    I am an American man and was married to a Russian women for 5 years, then I divorced her because the decided that after she got her PhD in Economics, that I paid for, to run off with her Teacher. After the divorce, I met another Russian woman who appeared to be all that and more and we dated for over 2 years before I finally realized the plain simple truth about all Russian women. They are self-centered and selfish and will take you for granted because in the Russian women’s mind, the world revolves around them and nothing else. Guys are put here to serve them and they are put here to enjoy life (and other men) while you stupidly pay for everything. You are in fact, in the eyes of a Russian women, the “Village Idiot” and will never be anything more. I kept a journal documenting everything said by my ex-wife and also my recent girlfriend of 2+ years and they all have similar characteristics. My advice, do what Russian men do, “pretend” they are the best thing since pop tarts and after you sleep with them a few times, disappear.

  • AmerNo Gravatar

    Russian women are hot!!!

  • MarilynNo Gravatar

    Get in touch with reality guys…Russian women hate, absolutely detest Americans. Just go to Russia wearing an American jacket or t-shirt….hate. They go on dating sites because they perceive American men to be stupid and gullible…easily manipulated into handing out money. There is a good reason why Russian men don’t marry them…they are for the most part losers. American men on those sites are equally losers. They go there because no self respecting American woman wants them…

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  • donkeyoteNo Gravatar

    …”they are for the most part losers”..wow! any chance you could elaborate on this remark?
    I have not associated intimately with a Russian woman but the few I have communicated with were industrious,very well spoken,immaculately presented and sizzled physically…losers…really??

  • donkeyoteNo Gravatar

    if I purchaesd a property in Turkey would that confer permanent residency? Im australian

  • ChristopherNo Gravatar

    STAY AWAY FROM RUSSIAN OR UKRAINE WOMEN! sorry for the caps but I feel like I had to get my point across. I have been dating Russian and Ukraine women exclusively for 4 years now. I almost married a Ukraine girl from Lugansk…and it almost cost me my life. She used me for money, no matter what I would buy her it would never be good enough. I would take her to Thailand to spoil her rotten and it would still never be good enough. In the end my mother caught her out cheating on me with 5 OTHER MEN from foreign countries. These men would buy her gifts, have sex and leave.

    The other Ukraine women I have spoken to have all cheated on their husbands. Have acted dubious, vague and secretive. I remeber I was dating one Ukraine girl for 3 months and I sent her a message one night telling her I was in hospital because of chest pains, want to know her response? ” oh ok” yup…thats it. She ended up being a emotionally unstable, cold manipulative whore.

    I have spoken to over 60 Russian women, I have tried and tried to find a genuine Russian girl and its impossible. They are like talking to a Grey alien from out of space. Cold, calculating, emotionless and add on narcissistic, vindictive etc…

    People say you cant generalize…but bullcrap! you can with these Russian/ Ukraine women. They are the epitome of trash.


    p.s who ever defends these girls are either A Russian female, or some poor blind sucker that has been sucked in and will inevitably meet his poor fate soon when her true colors show.

    If you do not take my advice….date at your own peril. I warned you.

  • ChristopherNo Gravatar

    Daniel. If you are reading this…..you are fucking insane! certifiable. What normal person would put up with any of that???? bro, go see a therapist, seek god or do some fucking soul searching. Either you are the worlds greatest troll or you have mental issues.

    I thought I was bad putting up with my ex Ukrain girl cheating on me with 5 men. I try to forgive her…until I came to my senses a week later and met a lovely Greek girl.

    Seek help Daniel.

  • aaronNo Gravatar

    remember.. women raise the men in Russia. not their fathers as they aren’t around. so if the men behave badly why do you think so? because of their mothers. Your hope with eastern European women is that your higher on the pecking list because of your financial situation is better than most men. Out of this you try to find the diamond in the rough that usually gets married here in the states at 23-26.

  • WillyNo Gravatar

    It`s quite frustrating to read such comments, cause I AM married to a Russian woman. We’ve been married for more than 3 years and we couldn’t ever be much happier. I don’t consider myself a sucker, but a lucky man, and I am proud of having a Russian woman, whatever you say

  • Mickey GNo Gravatar

    that is encouraging to read a successs story for a change.Hope it continues.
    Is she from a small city or Moscow or kiev? Could she speak English when you met or did it not matter?

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