Why Don’t Russian Men Marry Russian Women?

Why Don’t Russian Men Marry Russian Women?

Astonishing, isn’t it. There are thousands of beautiful Russian Women on the Internet. And all of them seemingly abandoned, left on the shelf.

The explanation is largely cultural. Most of us are attracted to Russian Women by their sexy, foreign accent. But if you already speak Russian, as most Russian Men do, the girls don’t sound at all foreign or sexy.

Another limiting factor is that the kind of women Russian Men date are usually already married to someone else.

Also, we must consider Russian demographics. There are far more men in Russia than women. I know this statistic is usually presented the other way around, but it is erroneous.

You will notice that in any sporting contests, – like the Olympic shot-put or weight-lifting – the Russian Women’s team regularly fails sex tests. It is also quite obvious to any casual traveller in Russia that all the women you see mending roads and driving trains are in fact men.

It is a complex subject and I will return to it later.

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7,046 comments to Why Don’t Russian Men Marry Russian Women?

  • Rick Nestor

    get the fuck off this site……

  • American man

    Russian women is hot, in my opinion.

  • donkeyote

    they’re like weeds taking over a garden

  • ME

    I am an American man and was married to a Russian women for 5 years, then I divorced her because the decided that after she got her PhD in Economics, that I paid for, to run off with her Teacher. After the divorce, I met another Russian woman who appeared to be all that and more and we dated for over 2 years before I finally realized the plain simple truth about all Russian women. They are self-centered and selfish and will take you for granted because in the Russian women’s mind, the world revolves around them and nothing else. Guys are put here to serve them and they are put here to enjoy life (and other men) while you stupidly pay for everything. You are in fact, in the eyes of a Russian women, the “Village Idiot” and will never be anything more. I kept a journal documenting everything said by my ex-wife and also my recent girlfriend of 2+ years and they all have similar characteristics. My advice, do what Russian men do, “pretend” they are the best thing since pop tarts and after you sleep with them a few times, disappear.

  • Amer

    Russian women are hot!!!

  • Marilyn

    Get in touch with reality guys…Russian women hate, absolutely detest Americans. Just go to Russia wearing an American jacket or t-shirt….hate. They go on dating sites because they perceive American men to be stupid and gullible…easily manipulated into handing out money. There is a good reason why Russian men don’t marry them…they are for the most part losers. American men on those sites are equally losers. They go there because no self respecting American woman wants them…

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  • donkeyote

    …”they are for the most part losers”..wow! any chance you could elaborate on this remark?
    I have not associated intimately with a Russian woman but the few I have communicated with were industrious,very well spoken,immaculately presented and sizzled physically…losers…really??

  • donkeyote

    if I purchaesd a property in Turkey would that confer permanent residency? Im australian

  • Christopher

    STAY AWAY FROM RUSSIAN OR UKRAINE WOMEN! sorry for the caps but I feel like I had to get my point across. I have been dating Russian and Ukraine women exclusively for 4 years now. I almost married a Ukraine girl from Lugansk…and it almost cost me my life. She used me for money, no matter what I would buy her it would never be good enough. I would take her to Thailand to spoil her rotten and it would still never be good enough. In the end my mother caught her out cheating on me with 5 OTHER MEN from foreign countries. These men would buy her gifts, have sex and leave.

    The other Ukraine women I have spoken to have all cheated on their husbands. Have acted dubious, vague and secretive. I remeber I was dating one Ukraine girl for 3 months and I sent her a message one night telling her I was in hospital because of chest pains, want to know her response? ” oh ok” yup…thats it. She ended up being a emotionally unstable, cold manipulative whore.

    I have spoken to over 60 Russian women, I have tried and tried to find a genuine Russian girl and its impossible. They are like talking to a Grey alien from out of space. Cold, calculating, emotionless and add on narcissistic, vindictive etc…

    People say you cant generalize…but bullcrap! you can with these Russian/ Ukraine women. They are the epitome of trash.


    p.s who ever defends these girls are either A Russian female, or some poor blind sucker that has been sucked in and will inevitably meet his poor fate soon when her true colors show.

    If you do not take my advice….date at your own peril. I warned you.

  • Christopher

    Daniel. If you are reading this…..you are fucking insane! certifiable. What normal person would put up with any of that???? bro, go see a therapist, seek god or do some fucking soul searching. Either you are the worlds greatest troll or you have mental issues.

    I thought I was bad putting up with my ex Ukrain girl cheating on me with 5 men. I try to forgive her…until I came to my senses a week later and met a lovely Greek girl.

    Seek help Daniel.

  • aaron

    remember.. women raise the men in Russia. not their fathers as they aren’t around. so if the men behave badly why do you think so? because of their mothers. Your hope with eastern European women is that your higher on the pecking list because of your financial situation is better than most men. Out of this you try to find the diamond in the rough that usually gets married here in the states at 23-26.

  • Willy

    It`s quite frustrating to read such comments, cause I AM married to a Russian woman. We’ve been married for more than 3 years and we couldn’t ever be much happier. I don’t consider myself a sucker, but a lucky man, and I am proud of having a Russian woman, whatever you say

  • Mickey G

    that is encouraging to read a successs story for a change.Hope it continues.
    Is she from a small city or Moscow or kiev? Could she speak English when you met or did it not matter?

  • Rick

    I totally agree with you. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON RUSSIAN WOMEN PERIOD!!! I am on my 2nd marrage to a Russian woman and it is a marrage from hell. Also if you do decide to marry one do not marry one with kids. They have the manners of a troll and will not do what you tell them, they are manipulative and play their mother against you. They expect you to pay the entire shot for everything (try and get them to go and work – what a JOKE!) They are arrogant, self centered, distrustful, ignorant, and in some ways dense to the western ways of life. They will suck you dry of your money and they have no respect for anything or anyone but themselves. Treat them like the black plague and avoid them. Mine is now telling me she knows the law and if she leaves what she can do. Am screwed, am 50 grand in debt because of her and she smashed my new car up and it was her fault so I/her have to pay back to insurance company 26 grand (person she hit nailed us with massive medical bills). They are always right in their mind and you will always be wrong. They also keep in touch with other Russians that immigrated and they talk about many things that you will never find out about unless you speak and understand Russian.

  • kiwiInHer50's

    I am a widow ( 3 years ) … was married to an American for over 30 years….and now I am ready to start dating again I would prefer a Russian man … I do not know why but they have always intrigued me and for the life of me cannot figure out the connection… I stumbled across this website and enjoyed reading the comments …. sending love to Russia From New Zealand.

  • American man

    The idea of marrying an American woman literally terrifies me.

    Can I not handle having sex with one person for the rest of my life? Am I incapable of settling-down? Am I afraid of commitment? Well, no… not exactly. It’s because marrying an American woman is most likely prepping your marriage for failure.

    It’s a sad fact that in America, more than 60% of marriages end in divorce. Even more sad is that roughly 75% of divorces are initiated by the woman over the man’s objections (the remaining 25% are either mutually-agreed divorces or divorces initiated by the husband over the woman’s objections; those two categories are about half and half within that remaining 25%). These are all conservative numbers, by the way; they’ve been rounded-down for the sake of simplicity. So, if 60% of marriages end in divorce, and 75% of those are initiated by the woman, we can do the math to combine these percentages: (.75(.6)) x 100 = 45.

    There is at least a 45% chance that whenever a man gets married to an American woman, the woman will want to divorce him at some point. You have better chances at surviving Russian roulette!

    Furthermore, a man is many times more likely to commit suicide in the two years following a divorce than the average male. Russian roulette, indeed. American females literally become man-destroyers.

  • American man

    That’s why I want to marry a RUSSIAN WOMAN!!!

  • American man

    The biggest disincentive for marriage lies within the women themselves. The numbers reveal that they are family-wreckers. Marrying an American woman is a risky activity for us guys. What do American women want more: a husband or a house full of fancy appliances? They often act as if they think their appliances are worth more than the useless human lumps they’re currently saddled with.

    Think about it: there is a more than two in five chance that an American woman is incapable of mustering the love and commitment needed to make a marriage work! The numbers show they make lousy wives and they don’t even think their marriage vows mean very much. Why marry one? Honestly now- why the flaming hell should you even consider marrying one?! Would you ever stick your hand in a garbage disposal if there’s a more than two-in-five chance that someone will suddenly hit the ‘on’ switch?? It’s putting your face in the fire! It’s asking for trouble, plain and simple. Marrying an American chick is probably one of the worst things you could ever do with your life. Just do a simple cost/benefit analysis; that’s what the numbers show!

    Women often plan their divorces in advance; the husband always seems to be the last to know and many men say they are stunned when the bomb suddenly drops. Many had no idea the marriage was even in trouble… Naturally, the assumption for everyone is that men must be boneheads to not pick-up on the subtle cues that their marriage is in trouble. But is it really because men are insensitive, unfeeling idiots or is it because women are simply quite good at being secretive in their machinations? Despite the fact that women claim it is men who can’t communicate, many women deliberately lie to their husbands about the state of their marriage until the last minute.

    In a reply to a readers’ response way back in the past, I once described getting the girl in the end not as a victory, but as a booby-prize or a defeat wrapped inside a victory. Well, here is one of the grandest ironies of the American female: if you are the type of man who can put-up with her bullshit and win her in the end (and fall in love with her and marry her) then there’s a very good chance that she will want to cut the marriage short(!)

  • American man

    I can only conclude that marrying an American woman is nothing more than poisoned candy! She will only be with you as long as she can get pleasure or utility out of you. And whenever it strikes her fancy, she will drop-kick you to the curb after she’s done. And even then, some of these divorcees will smugly sneer that it is men who ‘can’t commit’.

    Perhaps the reason why they claim men can’t commit is because women find it pretty darn easy to get-out of commitments in the way that somebody might change a pair of socks? But nay, nay- it must be the man who is at fault. If she divorces her husband, then it was because the man was the problem and certainly not the person who actually contacted her lawyer to request divorce papers.

    It’s Sacred Vow Time…

    Today, I am formally declaring a sacred vow. I might’ve hinted this in the past, and I don’t think I’ve ever actually formally said it until now… but here goes. Let it be heard now and forever: I will never allow any American woman to ever marry me!

    That’s right. Here and now, I’m officially writing-off the entire American female populace as being a group which is unfit for the commitment of marriage. Chances are, they just aren’t capable of holding a marriage together. Chances are, they are inept when it comes to fulfilling their marriage vows. Odds are, they lack the basic human skill of recognizing their partner’s unfulfilled needs. They are, in short, unsalvageable human beings. Yes, I’ve suggested something along those lines many times before, but I’d always left-open the possibility that maybe by some miracle there might be some American woman out there who doesn’t suck. (And yes, there indeed might be one or two American women out there who don’t suck.) But those statistics… and they’re from rounded-down numbers! *Shiver.* I’d much rather pursue a lower-risk woman. A woman who actually takes marriage seriously. It’s just too risky a proposition.

  • American man

    It’s a shame, because I know I’d make a great husband one day. I want a successful marriage, and there is a more than sixty-percent chance that the act of marrying an American woman will guarantee my marriage will not be successful… and furthermore, there will be a more than two-in-five chance that no matter how committed I am to the relationship, the woman will still try to bail-out on me at some point. Between her career aspirations, her need for independence and the fact that the average female American likes to regard males as uselessly redundant anyway- there is simply no room for a stable marriage within that kind of conflicted psyche.

    Yes, some countries have even higher divorce rates than those in the U.S. Some countries in the former Soviet Union have divorce rates in the high 60th percentiles… most of those countries, however, have experienced extreme levels of economic strife, social dislocation, political turmoil and heightened levels of crime. Naturally, there are many reasons to explain why families are under stress in places like the Ukraine and Belarus. But America is a society with a relatively functioning economy where public services aren’t breaking-down left and right and where lawlessness isn’t rampant… In short, women in the U.S. have no extreme circumstances that would put their families under such a huge amount of stress. So why are American women breaking-up their families in such numbers?

    I’m certain there are perfectly legitimate reasons for a woman to want to leave her husband… but is the man always necessarily the problem? I don’t think anyone can ever get an honest answer as to why women divorce- women don’t know how they reach their own conclusions half the time! But you can be sure that whatever her reasons, she will justify her divorce with X number of accusations; she will always have an excuse handy. She’s feeling trapped in an unhappy relationship perhaps, or not enough of her needs were being met by her husband, or her husband spends too much time at work…
    Or sometimes women marry because they just want to have kids. Once the kids are raised, the man is of no further use and can be safely discarded. He’s extraneous, as far as she’s concerned.

  • American man

    whenever a divorced woman talks about her ex-husband, it’s always unequivocally his fault that she decided to terminate the relationship. Her overweening belief in her own righteousness will start to bleed-through quite clearly. She will be able to gab on and on about whose fault it was (and it’s never her). This all goes back to the whole issue of females despising accountability. Women would rather believe the flimsiest of manufactured excuses than even think that they might have had some responsibility for their divorces.

    Think about it: even if the woman planned the divorce, initiated it and carried it out, never does any responsibility for planning, initiating or carrying-out the decision ever fall on her shoulders. Or in some cases, she might make-up complete fabrications about the man abusing her and the kids; I know for a fact that some of the more crooked divorce lawyers secretly encourage their clients to do this. The man must always be the evildoer, and she the victim who needs help and sympathy. Not once will she admit things like: ‘I found another man I liked more’ or ‘I was bored with the relationship.’ Nay, it must be her no-good ex-husband’s fault. That’s how she terminates the marriage with a squeaky-clean conscience. They can not pity their ex-husbands; indeed their ex-husbands must always be the most horrible pigs on the planet. We don’t want these poor women feeling guilty, do we?

    To make matters worse, the legal system gives the woman a financial incentive when she divorces. There are a huge number of greedy, opportunistic lawyers in America who earn their daily bread by stripping ex-husbands of their wealth. After your divorce, a huge hunk of your property and future earnings is basically considered up for grabs. And don’t ever get behind in your monthly payments: over the last few years the federal government has been relentlessly chasing ‘deadbeat dads’ with a vengeance. Within marriage and outside of marriage, men are just walking wallets.

  • American man

    And worst of all, many men find that after divorce they will lose contact with their children while still being obliged to support their ex-wives financially. About 85% of the children of divorce end-up in the custody of their mothers… and the few children in the custody of their fathers only became so after the father had spent thousands of dollars on legal fees trying to prove why they should be given custody. (In Journal of Marriage and the Family, J. A. Seltzer published a 1991 study called “Relationships between Fathers and Children Who Live Apart” which found that a third of children had seen their non-resident parent at most once in the previous year.) Doesn’t this arrangement count as a type of involuntary servitude? Having a percentage of your income stripped-away from you to subsidize somebody else sounds a lot like a form of forced financial bondage, doesn’t it? (And perhaps this is a question for law students, but doesn’t the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution say: “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except for punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States…”? So, is being an ex-husband supposed to be a crime now?)

    So, to sum-up: by marrying an American woman, there will be a more than 45% chance that, against your will, your marriage will end and you will lose contact with your kids… on top of it, you will be hounded by lawyers and required to support your (former) family financially. You’ve gotta be an idiot to take that kind of risk!!

  • American man

    If love is blind, the American marriage has lost all five senses

    As for you American guys: if you’re a guy who gets personal satisfaction from making your woman happy, you’ve probably noticed that American women aren’t happy for long, no matter what you do for them. (Have you ever been accused by your girlfriend of not showing enough affection when you’ve actually been exhausting yourself in a vain attempt to please her?) They’ll always have another unquenched demand lying around. They always want you to buy them another useless and expensive gift… and they end-up dumping you because of what you can’t give them.
    But naturally, you want the best girl you can get because you know you’re a great person and you really have a sincere desire to to build a lasting and true relationship. If an American girl ever rejects you, be grateful she did it before you were married. Hell, she’d rather be with Mr. Asshole anyway. I say: if that’s what she wants, let her be with Mr. Asshole!

    It’s not a big secret that women have a huge amount of ability to command extralegal power and entitlements in the United States. In fact, it is women who set the general rules and conditions of the system of dating, mating and marriage that you must follow (their sex cartel for starters). One of the things that women need to perpetuate this arrangement is a hardworking yet quiescent and disposable population of males to follow their self-serving rules. So, why be quiescent?

    Divorce law is a system which is ruthless beyond the capacity of any single individual’s resistance; it is a mean system designed to chew you-up and spit you out for the woman’s exclusive benefit. You can’t out-mean their system, don’t even try. But you can out-think it, and there is safety in numbers. One of the things that you can do to make life uncomfortable for predatory women is not be quiescent before marriage. There are lots of ways of doing that; even just asking pointed questions to the woman you’re dating can have an effect.

    But my main point is, one way to not be quiescent is to think about some numbers: American women represent 5% of the global population of women. Chances are, they’re at the bottom 5% in terms of quality because they’re probably sexist, self-centered and demanding as hell… and they will divorce you at least 45% of the time you marry them, guaranteed. With odds like that, you can’t go wrong by looking abroad! Are you lowering your standards or selling-out? Absolutely not! By looking abroad, you’re merely widening your search for the finest woman you can possibly find. It allows you to make better decisions.

  • American man

    Or, if you’re a real gambler and you’re willing to risk marrying an American chick, at the very least insist on a prenuptial agreement and talk to a lawyer about what other divorce laws you should be aware of, for Gods’ sake. If your fiancée refuses to sign a prenup like mine did, then you’ll get an idea of why she’s marrying you.

    You have the ability to say ‘no’ to the folderol that female Americans have set-up for you to swallow. And believe me, it is true folderol. You should always question their bullshit and refuse to accept their bullshit. And you can take comfort in the fact that you can just say ‘no’ and just walk away. Whatever an American woman might claim about herself, remember: she is probably unfit to be your wife.

  • Australian man


    I have come the distinct realization lately, that I am madly in Love with Russian women. Not just their drop-dead gorgeous feature, but them as people, them as women.

    After reading article after article on the comparison of Russian women to American women, I found that: “there was really no comparison at all”.

    Lets look at the two, their values, their goals, and views.

    Take American women for instance. While I cannot and will not condemn all American women, I will say that the vast majority have expectations as high as the sky, and seemed to be focused on only themselves.

    Most women here are brought up in the fairytale world, the world of Disney Movies; Cinderella, Snow white and the 7 Dwarfs, and so on. They believe there is a man out there that should meet all their wants, needs, and requirements. A night in shining armor if you will. Now, I understand the desire for a woman to seek true love, a man who stands for something, and someone to rescue and defend them, but mindset here in the US gets worse and is precipitated by the additional notion of “Independence”.

    So, here we have a plethora of multiracial women who were brought up believing that life should and WILL be a fairytale. If that’s not bad enough, they are later informed, encouraged, and guided to independence. This is a perversion of logic, and is hypocritical. You want a night in shining armor, someone to love and rescue you from your loneliness, but you feel driven to independence as well.

    And its difficult here. Most of the Movies, Songs, and Music are all aimed towards women, suggesting that leaving the one they are with, and being independent until they find someone better is the way to go. It boggles my mind.

    Women here are concerned with whether or not THEY are happy, completely neglecting the feelings or happiness of the person they are with. Many women here in the US have friends that encourage such behavior, and suggest that if he can’t make them happy while simultaneously ignoring their own happiness then “he is simply not worth it”.

  • Australian man


    Despite the obvious fact that Russian women were born with the BEAUTIFUL gene, there is much more to Russian women and who they are as women that I find myself drawn to.

    First: Would be their belief in God, or Christ Jesus. I like that the foundation of any relationship they hope to develop that is (Russian Women), is built on a foundation of God and Christ. This is a rock, and if your house/ foundation is built on it, no matter how wet the soil in the surrounding area gets, your house/ relationship will stand.

    Second: They appreciate the smaller/ finer things in life. A beautiful sunset, a stunning Tree, a wonderful Family, a comfortable home, a good man, literature, movies, travel, and even smaller things like how beautiful flowers are, or the scent you can smell in the fall as the leaves are changing colors, or the smell of flowers and freshly cut grass in the summer-time.

    Third: Are the qualities they look for in a potential man. Here in the US, most women look at physical appearance, then to the bank account, then to his possessions, and in some cases look to his popularity or social standing. NOT RUSSIAN WOMEN. Rather a Russian women looks for Honesty in her man, Trust, Communication, Mental and Spiritual Strength. They ask the important questions that American women do not: will he be a good leader, would he be a good friend to me and father to our kids, is he responsible and stable enough to handle a relationship, what are his Biblical and Spiritual values. And so on.

    For the Record, I LOVE RUSSIAN WOMEN. I love how they are, how they think, and one day if God blesses me and answers my heart felt prayers, he may bring a Russian women into my life that we may build a foundation and develop not only into a “Loving Couple in Christ”, but “Friends

  • Jake

    the number 1 reason I like Russian women is because they are straight forward. If they don’t like you or something, they won’t beat around the bush; they are direct. Unlike in Western culture where half the people you meet are fake and two-faced. Most people actually prefer sincerity in the long term

  • Mostafa Abaza

    well i’ve known Russian women a long time since i get to know their community in Egypt…
    i can say a lot about them from my experience..
    they are the best house wives and best mothers, they are really dedicated to their man and they know how to honor him and respect his opinion and believes, she is respectable in all kind of her behavior…
    by default she knows how to cook and she like to please her man…
    i have a woman relative of mine and she is Syrian ( their reputation as the best house wives in the world ) she once told me the Russian wives here living in Syria can bare from the man what no Syrian woman does, i consider that on behalf of the Russian woman..
    just two main things keep away and any man will have a marriage life like heaven, be honest and never try to express your anger on her and make her feel threatened , be a man to her and not on her
    put the world in her hands and she will put you in her heart and what a wonderful place that is
    she doesn’t ask for much, she is simple and adorable woman
    i forgot to say

  • Darren Brennan

    I think you have to go what your gut tells you. Remember, Russian Women, are clever, and very well educated. They in general, can speak Russian – Ukraine – Italian – English. They demand more, because they work hard for who they are. Moldavia – Romania -Ukraine Russia, all Beautiful Women. Unless your willing to travel there, and really get to know their families. Don’t bother. I know, I have dated all of above, and I tell you, to this day, I am still! considered family. When you marry a women, you marry their family as well. or when you seriously date one of them. You better have the blessings of the families. If not! That love affair won’t last. Good advice. Find a woman your own age. Enjoy life together. Let her teach your of her culture, as you would teach her of yours. Learn how to speak Russian. it shows respect & Interest, in her & her culture. Regardless of any women’s origin. Be Thankful she Is with you. And let her know it. Beauty & Sex, only last for a short while. After all the glamour Is done. All you have Is each other. Make sure, you truly know, what you want. Asking a women to travel across the world, to be with you, Is asking everything to her. Make sure you can do It, and know this Is real life. Not an Internet ad.

  • Jenya

    Darren, thank you very much for your input. Calling all Russian women clever and educated would be unfair to them and you. Many Russian women are in fact clever and educated but just as many of them are not. In most cases they are desperate to find a better alternative to their current living conditions and it is hard to blame them for that. If your relationship works out though, a Russian woman will love you just as much as any other woman would. If you understand that any successful relationship is a lot of work, you are on the right track! The rest of your points are very true, in my opinion. Thank you once again!

  • Guest

    Now, there are some misconceptions that all Russian women are incredibly stunning. If you visit the country you’ll find there are all different types of women, and not all are of model-quality. However, due to the sheer number of girls who are single and available there are certainly more beautiful girls to choose from.

    Russian women tend to take care of their appearance and always like to look their best. They dress more femininely than your typical Western girl and love to look stylish and classy. Skirts, heels, and sexy dresses are the norm. A few minutes on the streets of Moscow and you’ll see what I mean!

    And, it’s hard to say this delicately, but you won’t find many who “let themselves go”.

    For example, in the U.S. between 40% and 60% of women are overweight. (It depends on which part of the country you’re in.) In Russia over 95% are a healthy weight — the average woman being around 125 pounds or 56kg. And in many Western countries it seems the more slim and beautiful the girl the more rude, standoffish, and uppity she acts. On the other hand because virtually all Russian girls are an ideal weight they have no reason to act different and are very easy going and approachable.

    Russian ladies are also very down-to-earth and authentic. You won’t find many (if any) who are spoiled or immature. (And if you’re using an agency such as Elena’s then you know you’re dealing with a genuine girl who is NOT just looking for a green card or money. There are a lot of scams out there so it’s important not to get caught up in the “idea” of a Russian women and let common sense be forgotten.) Because of this — and the fact they mature at a younger age — you’ll often find young Russian girls have very successful relationships with older Western men.

  • Guest

    It’s true that Russia really embraces traditional gender roles. Men are supposed to be the leaders: the macho, forceful breadwinners. Women are supposed
    1. to remain submissive, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of children.
    2. OH, and thanks to the societal ‘equality’ put in place by the USSR, they should also work.

    I’ve seen the trope played out a million times, even in the relationships of Russian people I would consider progressive. Something so deeply ingrained in the culture is hard to buck, especially if you don’t really want to. So women remain overworked and underpaid, just like all over the world.


    Ok. Never ever ever ever marry an AW. There is ABSOLUTELY no upside for the male. It is the E word. Entitlement. The entire legal system is designed to bag the male. Hands down. Okay, consider the following…and please forget the stats and all other comments worthy of cerebration. If you marry and AW and she elects to divorce you…invariably she will want ALIMONY….after your masculinity is tied to how much money you make. She find an attorney…and she cries and wimps about how you abused her….to take her case and but on the cum…..his fees. You will find yourself in court…sitting across from your soon to be ex……with her being attached to an attorney….who is looking to get paid as well. The presiding judge will invariably be some old guy that has NOT had an erection in years (he get off with the “stroke of a pen…and a gavel for added effect”…..therefore…..his is NOT banging anyone at home….your ex won’t let you bang her…her attorney is horny…..your attorney is trying to hold them off….but he needs to get paid…so he is saying “well…it is what it is”…and you only have two holes….one of which is being used to say WTF. IN THE END YOU WILL LOSE. Therefore, get a grip guys. If you put a child in the mix….guess what…all kinds of allegations will fly…. Ultimately…with you paying CS…and not having decent access to your children. DON’T MARRY ONE. If you are married….you need to get out of it ASAP. Marriage and divorce is a business; the male is the currency.

  • Southern Dude

    I married a Russian woman and after 13 years of marriage, last four of them miserable, we are calling it quits. A lot of the comments I have read are spot on when describing a Russian women:

    – No desire to get a real job
    – Never taking any responsibility for ones actions
    – Batshit crazy at times
    – Secretive
    – inflated sense of entitlement
    – Worst of all even crazier Russian girlfriends giving wifey bad advise

    The smartest thing I did was to get a prenuptial agreement. One other thing I can add to the list is complete disdain for Legal Contracts. She consulted three attorneys trying to get out of the contractual agreement with all of them telling her it would be next to impossible.

    Guys stop being so STUPID and protect yourself from the one sided American legal system and NEVER get married without a prenup. It doesn’t matter who or where your spouse is from insist on a premarital agreement period! If she refuses to sign DO NOT MARRY her. Let me say it again DO NOT GET MARRIED without prenup! Also, spend the money for a good attorney to advise you and draw up the Contract. A good attorney is worth his/her weight in gold. When marrying someone hopefully it is for love but when getting a divorce it is ONLY ABOUT MONEY.

    If I ever get married again It will not be to a foreign women there are just too many cultural differences.

  • Guest

    As someone who has approached and met many women in Russia, Europe and America, I can guarantee 100 percent that the following six major advantages outlined here are generally true and testable. My photos and videos on HappierAbroad.com contain mountains of proof of this. Please note that though I acknowledge that while certain qualities vary among individuals, there are nevertheless big noticeable patterns of differences that do exist between locations/cultures which are apparent to even the most casual observer. (If at any time while reading this, you wish to accuse me of stereotyping or generalizing, or you wish to protest that you know exceptions to what I describe, please click here)

    1. Approachability/Openness – In general, women in Russia and Europe are a million times more approachable, inclusive, modest, and easy to meet, date, and bring into your social/dating circle than women in America. This I can guarantee a thousand percent a thousand times over. In fact, the difference in approachability is greater than the average American who’s never left their country can imagine. Even if you approach a female movie star, model, or married woman in Russia, she never gets offended or defensive at your initiation like American women do, so you never feel like you are a creep or for the attempt, for in such countries men are allowed to “act on their desires” much more freely than in the states. Usually, they blush or giggle when approached or flirted with.

  • Guest

    In contrast, trying to meet and approach young women in the US often feels awkward and rude, as if you are violating some type of boundary. They prefer not to acknowledge your existence if you’re not in their clique. They have strong hang ups against strangers (even if they find them attractive) and behave overly proper and distant in their communication with them. They generally don’t talk to strangers unless it’s business related, for they are religious about keeping social interactions strictly within their clique. They are among the most cliquish, closed, and anti-stranger women in the world, and emanate an “unapproachable force field” around them. Not to say that there are no friendly women in America, but there is definitely something peculiar that makes them and Americans in general unnaturally closed and paranoid. So the main problem is that they won’t meet you if they don’t know you, but yet you can’t get to know them cause they won’t meet you, thus creating a CLOSED LOOP against someone who wants to meet them. And that just plain sucks, to put it simply.

    In fact, it’s widely agreed among the well-traveled that the US has among the most unapproachable and anti-social women in the world. Even in other Westernized countries like Canada, England, France or Italy, where young women are also known to be snobby, at least they are still far more approachable, down to earth and social than in America (and much more cultured as well). Even their closest counterparts in Britain aren’t nearly as unapproachable, but have better conversation skills, and are generally friendlier.

    In America, women have all the power and upperhand, and they know it. Around American women, men MUST act girly and emasculate, otherwise they are seen as creeps, pigs, or transgressors. And they will be viewed likewise if they don’t always let women continue to have the power and upperhand as well. That’s one reason why they’re unapproachable, for to them, being approached or “hit on” is a threat to their power and upperhand. And for me, that puts me between “a rock and a hard place”, because if I approach American girls I want and “go for it” then I am a creep or , but if I don’t, then they never approach me either, so either way I lose.

  • Guest

    2. Femininity – Last but not least, the mentality and culture of “feminism” that has taken over America has made it the most unfeminine place in the world. What American feminists (men as well as women) don’t realize is that most of the rest of the world, both male and female, does NOT envy their feminism, but in fact despise it, finding it unnatural, distasteful, and UNfeminine (ironically). American feminism is rife with hypocrisy, double-standards, and dysfunctionality; yet it pervades all our modern culture, media, talk shows, sitcoms, etc., portraying women as either perpetual victims who can do no wrong, or as creatures with superior rights to men. (There are great websites that get into this in great detail, as it’s beyond the scope of this summary) What this has done to the personality and behavior of women here is monstrous. Besides dress style (e.g. very few wear skirts and high heels now), their voices become coarse and rough, their mannerisms masculine, and their characters spoiled and selfish. Unlike women in the rest of the world, they aren’t soft, tender, sweet, don’t giggle when you say nice compliments, and don’t like wearing skirts and heels. Women in the rest of the world, on the other hand, are proud of their femininity, and show it in many ways, in dress style, behavior, and attitude.

    3. Weight – I hate to say something so politically incorrect and offensive, but the following is absolutely true. In Russia and Europe, between 95 and 100 percent of the young women are skinny or height/weight proportionate. In contrast, in the USA between 40 and 60 percent of the women are overweight, varying among region. This is absolutely indisputable, apparent, objectively measurable, and not subject to relative opinion or standards at all, as it has to do with obvious physical differences apparent to the naked eye that even the biggest idiot in the world who goes to both regions could identify immediately without effort.

    What sucks about America, despite its many ideal qualities, is that the only truly friendly open women are the large ones, while the non-overweight ones are generally stuck-up and unapproachable (though in many areas, such as LA, even ugly girls are rude and uppity). On the other hand, most of the slim young women in Russia/Europe are very approachable and easy to meet or get acquainted with.

  • Guest

    Russian/European women are much better at maximizing their appearance with clothes/cosmetics and unlike American women, they love wearing skirts and high heels, which are much more attractive to men. As in the weight element above, this difference too is so apparent everywhere you go in these regions that even the biggest idiot in the world couldn’t help but notice it. In fact, I and other Americans I’ve met would say that in Russia, about 80 percent of girls are considered “hot” by American standards, while in the USA, that proportion is, well, much lower so that any decent looking girl there is treated like a goddess and put on a pedestal. What is considered “hot” by American standards is average in Russia. If you don’t believe it, come spend time in the crowded cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

  • Guest

    I only date Russian women now, they are much better than American girls.

  • Jester

    Russian women are better looking, skinnier and more approachable than American women… But you still have to find the right one, as there are a lot of gold digging and cold ice-queens in Russia, who will push and test your boundaries constantly.

    The dreaded shit test. You must stay strong and manly to pass. Do not show your emotions and don’t bow to her every wish like Daniel did. She will lose respect, and with that goes her love for you.

  • Daniel

    I still love her ((((((((((((((

  • abba

    thank you .good knowledge

  • AnonymousPinoy

    id date a russian girl over a hideous inhumane filipina

  • Daniel. I am new to blogging and you have mastered it. I would like to put a link to your website in my Blog (above). Cannot find a simple guide inside Google. Help appreciated -0 when you have time. Thanks!

  • Conservative wife

    My husband has a russian married officemate. This lady almost destroys my marriage. She sends selfie photos of herself by thr pool, send pic of her daughter, calls my husband sweetheart. She told my husband in the beginning that her lover left and she is lonely. Then when my husband reacted coz thinking shr is married, she said it was only a joke then continues to whatsup, skype my husband talking about work at 10PM. my husband confided to his friends that this woman keeps talking to him and persistent. I pity her husband for the kind of wife she has. She gave my husband shaving cream on his birthday, is that common in russian women to give gifts to colleague of the opposite sex?

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