Soviet Women FAQs

All the things you were afraid to ask because you probably knew that already.



Why Are All Russian Women Called Olga?

Why Can’t Russian Women Cook?

What Is The Best Present You Can Give A Russian Woman?

Why Do Russian Women Wear Sunglasses on Top Of Their Heads?

Why Don’t Russian Men Marry Russian Women?

Will A Pretty Russian Woman Stay Pretty After Leaving Russia?


Should I Marry A Russian Woman With Children?

Russian Women. Are They Sexy Or What?

Do Russian Women Like Bald Men?

Do I Need To Speak Russian To Date A Russian Woman?

Can You Marry A Russian Woman If You Are Dead?

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Russian Women At A Glance

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Why Don’t Russian Women Marry Russian Men?

Why Are All Russian Women So Skinny?

Why Do Russian Women Walk Wobbly?

Why Are So Many Russian Women On The Net?

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75 comments to Soviet Women FAQs

  • Hi copydude,

    Strictly speaking these should be called Russian women FAQs as finding western foreign husbands was next to impossible in Soviet days.

    I found the FAQs really funny. But you do leave yourself open to the opposite point of view: FAQs for Russian women looking for husbands.

    Best of luck with Kaliningrad.

  • Well, more accurate would perhaps be Former Soviet Women – but that sounds awful. And a lot of them really aren’t.

    You have to understand, Varske, that in order to bring the public this valuable scientific research I selflessly dated a representative sample of Russian women across the Federation. But the post-Gorbachev girls were mostly too young. Alas, I will have to leave someone else to compile ‘New Russian Women FAQs’.

  • Vick

    Man, what a bullshit is written here! Either you are hopelessly dumb or you’re heavily stoned. Guys, don’t believe anything that is written here, it’s a drivel of a man man! I’m in shock! How can only someone cook up something like this! If it is a joke, it’s a very dumb joke!

  • copydude

    Hello Vick. Or is it Dick?
    I am sorry to hear you are in are ‘in shock’. It’s not a typical reaction. Just for balance, you might like to read some rather more good humoured comments on this link.

  • Cherry

    Who ever wrote this bullshit he hates all Russian girls. I would say that all notes were writen by a dumb American. Fortunately, there are still a lot of Americans who understands that beeing American doesn’t make them the most perfact and the smartest creature in the world. But it seems the author thinks this way…:) Actually, it was funny to read all those stupid notes, especially the part about sunglasses.:) It is intersting, who would believe in all of that…

  • zammikh

    I just have one little question: Do you speak Russian? And if you do how good do you know the language?

  • hrushka

    I would definitely agree with Cherry. Especially dumb was the comment about demographics. Dear copydude, according to the last survey “in the years between 1994 and 2005, the imbalance is projected to increase slightly to a ratio of 875 males per 1,000 females”. After World War II, the male population in the USSR decreased by practically 70%. You are not being factual, just emotional. AAAAAAAAAWkward!!!

  • man, you got issues.. I mean like sireously…. dadicating the whole website to Russian Women…. you probably was tricked by some Russian chick once (or twice?)

  • Agree with wilhoney…. It is just a trick… Everything, that is written here, is real shirt ( and no need, to give me good homoured comments, because there is just one word for it- a shit)

  • copydude

    Wildhoney wrote: ‘you probably was tricked by some Russian chick once (or twice?)

    My goodness. Are Russian chicks ‘tricky chicks’? Must write another FAQ :-) Thanks for the suggestion.

  • copydude

    zammikh wrote: ‘Do you speak Russian?’

    Da. Kanyeshna. Feel free to comment pa russki.

  • IBs

    The man who wrote all this bullshit is just fucking unsatisfied freak ))))) Well, you really need to use your right (or left?) hand more often, dude. Maybe love will come to you one day……. Asshole…. )))))))

  • Cherry

    Ой, девочки давайте не будем тратить свое красноречие на этого полудурка, ему, наверное, все отказывают :) или с головой проблемы вот он и исходит ядом здесь. Развлекайся, парниша, что тебе убогому еще осталось… :):) See you.

  • hahahahaha….Cherry, IBs- круто девочки :)) Супер!!! (ржунемогу)

  • american male

    This is the most rediculous thing I have ever read. Please Any Russian women. Do not beleive that the typical American man thinks any of these things he has written. It is very laughable.

  • american male

    when a family has only one income it is hard to pay for all. It does not matter if the wife is American or Russian. It is hard to manage on one income. Many American couples struggle on one income. But if a man loves his wife then he will do the best he can to make all work. I hope Russian women understand this.

  • copydude

    (Dumb) American Male wrote:

    “Many American couples struggle on one income. I hope Russian women understand this.”

    They don’t, sorry. If you think they marry a total stranger to struggle, you’re playing with half a deck. :-)

  • IBs

    copydude, tell us, what a Russian woman did to you? Was it so painful that you decided to create all these redicilous articles ? To make up for it? Pure guy……… But…. may be the problem is in you, huh? :))))

    I like your sense of humore, dude
    I’ve read this for some ago, laughed a lot and reposted on antidate
    but everyboody takes it too serious

  • ДевАчки
    ну стебется чел над амерами, над их пропагандой.

  • Lenin

    Idiotam s pionerskim privetom!

  • american male


    If a woman marries a man who is a stranger, then it is a marriage of convienience. People could marry from different countries who are actually in love you know.

  • american male

    somebody needs to learn how to set up columns properly in there comments section!!

  • copydude

    Dear american male,

    Thank you for so many comments. But I can’t help feeling that ‘enough is enough’.

    It would also help your cred if you learned to spell before you posted.
    I wish you luck in finding an ‘Olga‘ who wants to struggle on food stamps with you in ‘God’s Own Country’.

  • PK

    J – this is absolutely superb. I laughed all the way through and your ability to wind people up remains unabated.

    Can’t wait for Alla to translate the Russian posts above. Many of them are just as hilarious. i love the touchy American trying to defend his fellow patriots ;-)))))

    All the Best – pk-uk

  • […] When in Russia, I’m always reminded of the burning FAQ’s I have yet to address. For example, ‘Why Are All Russian Women On The Internet?’ […]

  • olga

    Everything is here it’s a piece of sheet ,Ihope you know it copydude.

  • erm…guys & gals it takes intelligence to have a sense of humour.
    It’s kind of catch 22, only intelligent people can write humour, and only intelligent people can understand it. So when you open your mouth, and take humour as serious, then you might aswell put a dunce cap on your head, and get your mate to wear a T-shirt that proclaims: “I’m with stupid!” :-) That’s why BORAT was able to fool so many people so easily. And he went to Cambridge Uni!
    This blog is hilarious! and witty…

  • ps. I would assume by the .CO.UK the writer is not North American.
    “comrades, in my country we uze joke to express ourselves, in fact England iz comedy country” :)

  • Mir

    I have no idea why some of these people are so abusive.
    I found the FAQs funny and lighthearted. I did not see any done in bad taste. Certainly many of the replies were in bad taste and to one of the posters I would recommend using his hands once in a while (doesn’t matter which one), it will reduce anger and frustration!!

  • oozhus

    not since the old days of Panikovsky on Usenet has such good information been made available. Bravo! Brilliant!

  • CIA

    CopyDude the CIA is coming to get you.

  • This site is very entertaining and I have enjoyed browsing all the content, thank you. I have a question… the image of the girl in the corn field (called ‘corn.jpg’) you got it from do you know what the original painting was called and who the artist was?

  • Keep focusing on your blog. I love how we can all express our feelings. This is an extremely nice blog here :)

  • Thanks for snharig. Always good to find a real expert.

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  • You made some respectable points there. I looked on the internet for the difficulty and found most individuals will go together with with your website.

  • RespectYourself

    Copydude, i think you was fu…d up by many Russian girls or you are just a looser and this way you try to revenge :)
    LOL! That’s really funny…

  • Nestor "Batko" Makhno

    Have any of you ever bothered to read Russian History? OK, just read Civil War and WW2 books and you will realise that there were more women fighting in Russia than any other country. And I mean actual combat. Give Russian chick shit and she will stick a pitchfork in your arse. Better stick to Amerikanki, man.

  • Kaef8062

    To Nestor:
    For some reason, I believe that is true for every other female in the world. I mean, women do have the right to stick a pitchfork up somebody’s ass if somebody gave them shit.

    And to copydude:
    Nice blog, dude.

  • Nestor "Batko" Makhno

    Kaef, I agree.

  • Mario

    I’ve been once called “an exotic animal” by my American ex-boyfriend. Sweet! Do you think, I would be able to truly love him?

  • Oksana

    My skin has got better in the UK.

  • Hopeychangey

    I hate Ukrainian women!!!

  • Jester

    I LOVE ucrainian women, soo sexy!!!

  • Daniel

    My Jenia is divorcing me, I am unhappy…

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