Litvinenko. Britain’s Crown Cops Cop Out.


Well fancy that. Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service would charge Lugovoi with the murder of Litvinenko. But since they can’t, they won’t.

There will be no extradition, no trial. The trial by media will stand. And black propaganda and dirty tricks wins the day.

As with Dr Kelly, there was no coroner’s report on Litvinenko. That’s so exceptional, by the way, Norman Baker MP has been asking the Government for the truth about Kelly for the last two years.

Kelly didn’t commit suicide any more than Litvinenko was murdered. But without a coroner’s report, the precise nature of Litvinenko’s death – whether by ingestion or inhalation, whether by liquid, aerosolised or metal Polonium particles – will never be revealed. Because each would reveal entirely different scenarios to murder.

So, the crackpot teapot story, which defies scientific rationale, is all that non enquiring minds need to know.

Litvinenko and Scaramella’s links with MI6, Chechen terrorists, uranium bars, framing Italian politicians and parallel networks are a potentially huge embarrassment to the UK. For the same reason, Scaramella has been locked up for months without due process.

It shows the power of black propaganda. Almost everybody is convinced the Lugovoi did it – in the face of all logic.

Lugovoi is a security professional. Professionals use fast acting toxins that don’t leave traces. End of story. Professional assassins don’t turn up for assassinations with their own passports and register at hotels in their own names. While millionaires like Lugovoi have people handle any dirty work. He doesn’t even clean his own shoes.

Murderers need a motive, too. Lugovoi was neither FSB nor politician. Nor was he among the long list of people informed upon, duped or blackmailed by Litvinenko.

But most of all, no one wants to explain how three planeloads of Polonium 210 arrived in the UK – at the offices of Britain’s paramilitary Erinys and the Yukos connected RISC – when a speck, invisible to the naked eye, is all that’s needed to kill someone. Or how a speck of Polonium, rather than a stash, rendered Litvinenko’s whole house uninhabitable for years.

A fudged coroner’s report, ‘death by misadventure’, would also have allowed the Crown Prosecution Service a cop-out get out. But then the opportunity of playing another round of the regime change game against Putin was too good to pass up.

Once again, the complicity of the mainstream media with the Government is as total as it was with the non-existent WMDs. Saddam bad man. Putin bad man. The facts don’t matter. Certainly, charging Lugovoi was the only way to make sure the facts never faced trial and public scrutiny.


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