Branding The World Financial Crisis

Trendy Russian Design agency, Playoff Creative Services, has developed the corporate identity for the World Financial Crisis. Hat tip to poster Thorny at Redtape.ru. Click for bigger images.









(It was of course a fun promotion for the agency created for April 1)


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  • From July 2008 – January 2009, Russia’s foreign exchange reserves (FXR) fell by $210 billion from their peak to $386 billion as the central bank adopted a policy of gradual devaluation to combat the sharp devaluation of the ruble. The ruble weakened 35% against the dollar from the onset of the crisis in August to January 2009.[6] As the ruble stabilized in January the reserves began to steadily grow again throughout 2009, reaching a year-long high of $452 billion by year’s-end

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