If you want a completely different take on Russian affairs, this site is a must-click. Forget about so-called East-analysts like Sean Guillory or Charles Ganske. This is where it’s at.

Let me share with you some of the top stories.

‘In trains of distant following there will be six-seater compartments’

‘Russians love smartfony’

‘The equation with two not consent’

Exactly. The headlines are so enigmatically Russian you just have to read on. Well, you can try . . .

In 1979, spent brezhnevskoj times, during the most boring lecture on phonetics, we with the friend on pair have composed a joke: we have vowels and consonants; is also … Concordant with authority was a little, not consent it is much more, but private they did not become; not all was a place at fed and not all at kormchikh were fed, but to declare the . . .

Make no mistake, this is break-the-mould journalism. All Russia News is so unreadable it is not only machine translated, it is written by a machine. The giveaway is the following story.

‘Harry Kasparov has agreed about carry of a meeting with inspectors for tomorrow’

The leader of the “incorporated civil front ” Harry Kasparov also has received two calls in investigatory service of management of FSB of Russia across Moscow and the Moscow area..

Obviously, not even an auto translator would write Harry instead of Gary. And you have to agree that ‘the incorporated civil front’ is a much snappier name than ‘Other Russia’. It’s so creative it isn’t true.

I’d like to share more of these with you but, hey, why don’t you all just hop over to All Russian News and get yourselves an RSS feed.